Mom influencers are part of a huge phenomenon and it started with Instagram being the platform for mom representation but it’s not until recently Tik Tok has been the main app for mothers to share their parenthood stories and has been a great way to show others the honest and hard parts of becoming a mother. People found Instagram as a cover up and made becoming a mother look like a piece of cake, presenting motherhood as glamours? 

However Tik Tok moms have shown the real realities and experiences which people can fully relate to. Consumers are more often than not reaching for raw content and real life moments rather than relating to InstaMoms that we wonder if their life is any easier when we see their picture perfect moments. 

There are many examples of a gen z tik tok moms that use tik tok to show the realities of becoming a mom, one being Mada Graviet.

She seems very disinterested in creating an impression of being a ‘perfect’ mom and does not feel bad for showing others this side of her. Similar to Maia Knight. who includes her kids in her content, influencing others in the most real way, she shows the work that goes into childcare which is why she is so influential.  

We see so much of celebrities like the Kardashians, where we don’t see the dirty dishes, the bad behaviour and mess of their kitchen once the kids have eaten.

This content is constantly on our Instagram feed, and mothers struggle to see past this, blaming themselves for how chaotic their life can be with kids.

Which is why Tik Tok really has changed the internet game allowing mothers to fully express motherhood as it is. However, it forces mothers to be fully immersed in the app and trends come and go as quick as the weather which requires dedication which we should congratulate them on.  

Most Tik Tokers post multiple times per day and the app has a demand for this content.

It’s a quick and easy process and allows mothers to post in real time unlike Insta Moms who feel the pressure to get their photos perfect, planning photoshoots and making their kids pose, which would be hard work on its own but we don’t get to see that side.

Can mom influencers move away from the picture perfect Instagram life or will this always be part of the internet? Let’s hope tik tok can crush this stigma.


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